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Basically, a guy who's interested in so many things, like computers, videogames, a few TV shows, and many more stuff.

If you want to know more about me, check the "Who's Lex_Light?" page.

Básicamente, un hombre interesado en cosas como los ordenadores, los videojuegos, unas pocas series/programas de televisión, y muchas cosas más.

Si queréis saber más sobre mí, visitad la página "Who's Lex_Light?".


Please stop reblogging things & self promoting on, changing the source/ re uploading other people’s content. Please just try to stay positive & know you’ll gain followers by being friendly & having a great blog, not by stealing attention away from the source!
From every girl & guy posting selfies, photographer & artist on the internet.


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All I did was forget she was coming over


All I did was forget she was coming over

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I made a boob tutorial, hope you enjoy.

(reuploaded because typos are unacceptable.)

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Asker Anónimo Asks:
Choose betwen mlp and lps
lexlight1 lexlight1 Said:

I like both, but I think I prefer more LPS now, I think (through Season 4 of MLP:FiM has its moments, like Maud’s poetry, which made me to laugh).



sodium fan club meeting 2014

Batman Fan Club meeting 2014

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And you were mine


And you were mine

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What animal should Sofia talk to next?

To be honest, I don’t know, so let’s leave this question unanswered.

(Through I would like to see a crossover between StF and “Littlest Pet Shop” (the 2012 - 201? show)).

How did you get hooked on the show?

Thanks in part to angelshizuka, who reblogged some StF-related stuff which made me to be more interested in the show, as I have throught that this show has a nice drawing/animation style, and when it began to air on Disney Channel Spain (on September of 2013), I watched both the movie and the first episode (as I recorded both of them), and I enjoyed them.